Tea Cups DHA

Tea Cups Feel like sitting down to a nice, civilized cup of tea? Well this tea party will be anything but civilized! This spinning, whirling, roundabout disorienting ride will have you seeing double! Age Group: Child + Adult

Dogem Car DHA

Dogem Car In real life driving, the goal is stay in between the lines, however on a dodgem car, there are no lines. Move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way through the packed track, turn quickly to miss a crash or you’ll hit right against your neighbor’s vehicles. Age Group: Adult

Tagada DHA

Tagada Take your place atop a giant circular disk and get ready to spin. As the big wheel under your feet turns, hold onto the wall behind you. Pretty soon the whole world starts to rotate around you so fast you can’t even move. Age Group: Child + Adult